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NOTE: As I update this page in particular, I will try to add the most recent things at the top, but be sure to scroll down to see what we've been up to!!

We pulled up carpet, picked the perfect color out of a few samples, taped off the room, painted and voila!! (Well....THEY did.... I didn't too much, but approve and nod!)

There are many more pictures to add... since we've pretty much completed the entire room, but it will take a little longer to get them all uploaded!! Can't wait to share the finished product!!!

We have play dates already set with our friends Grant & Cassandra's

twins Brianna & Braylen!!!

Our baby is soooo spoiled already!!! 

And so this is it so far - I'm taking a few pictures to show you JUST HOW MANY CLOTHES WE ALREADY HAVE... 

I'm pretty sure we have about 200 onesies! That's not including the shoes, socks, complete outfits, etc.!

Just a few favorite things I found in the gobs of clothes I've gone through!!


Daddy is a spoiler too! He KNOWS we don't need clothes for this boy and just can't resist! I look at my phone and here come the pictures messages... 

He's ready for Final Four 2012!!!!

The first few pictures are of photos I want done on my belly when it actually gets out there... (screeeeeeeech....) since I have a belly now, let me just tell you how grossed out I am about it! haha!  We will see if I get any pictures of this big ball of a boy inside my tummy. 


...of course I want a symble for a boy!

 I'm IN LOVE with this picture and how you can see the baby's foot!

And I want our families and friends to do a picture like this at the baby shower(s)!!! And we will hang them in the baby's room...  I LOVE THIS!!!


Making OWL CUPCAKES for the kiddies!!  I didn't even have a recipe to follow, I just saw a picture on Facebook and went for it!

Below are FRESH Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, & Chocolate chip cupcakes (before the icing)!!!